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The latest video motivation:

Spartan Race Obstacles -Beater, Twister, and Bender

Chris showing us how to do three of his favorite obstacles.

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Beast Mode After 50

A fun and intense tire workout with some muscle ups thrown in just for fun.

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2019 Vegas Spartan

Highlights from the 2019 Vegas Spartan Sprint and Super. This is Mishelle's first ever spartan race.

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Piggy Pushup Challenge

Wondering what a piggy pushup is? Watch the video to find out!

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Lizard Butte Spartan Training

A great workout with our friends from Sergeants Fitness getting ready for a Spartan race. Always love learning from the experts.

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We truly believe fitness is the fountain of youth. If you're looking for motivation on your own fitness journey, you'll find plenty of it here, and you'll have lots of fun along the way! Subscribe to our YouTube channel so you never miss a challenge!

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